Dr. Jeff Houston

Jeff's Story

In High School Dr. Jeff suffered from back and neck pain and found relief in chiropractic care. He found the performance and functional improvements in his work and hobbies was an even greater benefit than just the addressing of pain. Deciding on a major of study in school found Jeff drawn to what had helped him the most, Chiropractic.

Dr. Jeff holds his Doctor of Chiropractic as well as Bachelor’s of Life Sciences from Logan University in St. Louis MO. After graduation, he moved to Colorado to pursue his career, continue his postgraduate education, and be closer to nature while doing it.

In his spare time Dr. Jeff enjoys kayaking, hiking and is starting to learn how to snowboard. He enjoys tinkering with his truck and motorcycle and occasionally building computers. Dr. Jeff has a passion for international travel as well in hopes to better experience and understand the world we live in.

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