LGBTQ Friendly Chiropractor in Denver

Moving Body Chiropractic is proud to be an LGBTQ-friendly chiropractor in Denver!  We are also a transgender safe space.  Whether you see Dr. Jeff, who is a member of the community himself, or Dr. Emily who is a wonderful ally, you will always have a provider who supports you in our office.

We are mindful of always being inclusive and welcoming.  We understand that oftentimes, members of the LGBTQ community have a difficult time fully expressing their issues or concerns.  We are here to listen, and will always help the best we can. 

As an LGBTQ-friendly chiropractor in Denver, we understand the unique nuances that community members often face.  For instance, if someone is binding, they may experience significant thoracic spine, chest, and rib pain.  Patients post-top-surgery may have a different set of pain patterns. Very often, simply a welcoming and comforting touch can be therapeutic.  We strive to be inclusive in our intake procedures and our forms.  We will use your correct pronoun.  We will make sure you feel welcome and comfortable.  We also have an expanded network of other great providers and are always happy to make referrals and provide insight about other providers who are friendly to the community. 

Please know, you are welcome here and we will take great care of you.

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