Orthotics aid in increasing and maintaining the normal function of a patient's foot.

They may also reduce foot, ankle, knee and back pain.

As chiropractors, everyone knows we treat the spine but did you know we treat feet as well? It’s the foundation and what your structure is based on, so your feet are a pretty important part of your alignment!

*You can also expect us to adjust your feet as part of your normal chiropractic adjustment!

Get Custom Orthotics

We work with Mojo Feet, a local Colorado company to cast and build you your very own custom orthotics.

Orthotics are prescribed devices, custom to you, that are placed in your shoes.

At MBC, we cast your orthotics with your foot in a corrected (adjusted) position, after we have adjusted your full spine as well. This ensures we can capture a corrected position that will support you through all the phases of your gait cycle. This will help whether you are running marathons, or just standing in lines at the store.

How Orthotics Can Help:

  • The foot and ankle function better
  • Provide support to the ankle
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Low back, hip, knee and ankle pain
  • Recurrent ankle sprains
  • Just make you feel better and less fatigued after time on your feet

Dr. Gerson and Dr. Houston are trained in casting orthotics and can let you know if they think they would be right for you, ask about them in your next appointment! There are discounts for additional pairs, and also a "children's outgrowth" program.

"She truly cares and listens to my concerns...

I have been seeing Dr. Gerson for years, she knows exactly what I need and the adjustments are lasting. She truly cares and listens to my concerns and needs. Moreover, she uses every tool imaginable that will address my body’s needs and gives the best advice! The custom orthotics she made me have been lifesavers! I stand for 12+ hours while working and my feet are no longer sore; I can feel the difference in my knees and hips, everything. Could not recommend Dr Gerson and her team at Moving Body enough!"

- Bonnie St. John

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